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Well,sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been busy. Dealing with crap. But I'm still alive! Kinda being cyber bullied...But I've dealt with it. So yeah...
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When You Hate :iconloveisthebest23:LoveIsTheBest23 6 2 What A Friend Is :iconloveisthebest23:LoveIsTheBest23 7 1 Serendipity :iconbayyouna:Bayyouna 2 2 TBBS :iconbayyouna:Bayyouna 1 2 little luna :iconmiss-sweeti:miss-sweeti 4 4 sea :iconmiss-sweeti:miss-sweeti 3 13
Why? Chapter 9 (Eren x Reader)
WARNING weird pleasure....
Your face when red and you got reddy to walk away, only to be pulled back by Eren. He spun you around and closed the gap between you both. It was a rather quick kiss but you knew you couldn't be this close to him for this long
"Eren I can't..." You sighed looking up into his emerald green eyes.
"You can't what?" You shuffled in his grasp.
"T...the blood is to much for me." You wriggled your self free and took a step back.
He looked at you as if he was thinking of a solution. "(Y/N) in some of the things I have read about vampires they can change others right?"
"Yeh..?" Then you got what he was getting at. " Eren I would never do something like that to you."
"Please! Then we could be together forever!" He begged. Then what he done next took you by surprise. He took a small bite into his hand. (He has no goal so he doesn't change)
The smell of blood filled your nose and you could no longer hold back.
(To turn into a vampire the vampire must bite you and i
:iconozziesnuffles:ozziesnuffles 14 581
Why? Chapter 10 (Eren x Reader)
You felt the titans teeth slowly close around your neck. The pain. You wanted to scream but nothing came to your mouth. Who would save you anyway? You could see Eren being carried away in the arms of a blonde man.
"No...come back!" You whispered.
"(Y/N)..." You heard a deep voice speak.
Looking around you recognised the voice. "" You asked. Your dad had abandoned you and your mother while you were only young.
"I'm going to save you now, but there's one thing you must do for me!"
You head shot up.
It was just a dream! Thank god.
You climbed out of your bed and looked out of the window. The moon was high in the sky and a small figure was out side pacing. That's when you are you meant to tell levi about Eren?
Oh god! You wish you could just sink into the ground and never come out.
A loud bang on the door made you snap out of your day dream...or night dream or what ever you would rather call it.
:iconozziesnuffles:ozziesnuffles 10 8
George Weasley x male reader ch 4
Soon after breakfast you went and got all the stuff you needed. Not only that but you also got a newer wand and a bat called (p/n). You got all the books you needed a cauldron and a broom.
You then walked through the very creepy wall that you still can't get you head around how it works now here you are in probably not most awkward situation ever. Fred had pulled you into a compartment in the train with him maybe a little to hard, because now here you were. On the floor locking lips with him in an accidental kiss.
Your cheeks heated up until you liked like a tomato and your (e/c) eyes had widened to the size of saucepans. Fred had exactly the same expression on his face, and George...well let's say he walked in at the wrong time.
"O...ohhh u....umm errr..." The poor boy stuttered as you quickly pulled away and climbed off Fred.
" sorry I umm...I err d...didn't mean to...well ummm" you mumbled. Fred put his hand on your shoulder making you jump a little and scuff the toe of your s
:iconozziesnuffles:ozziesnuffles 62 7

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1. I love platform boots
2. My favourite animals are goats and cats
3. I love everythings gothic
4. All my favourite bands are German WHOOPS
5. I hate myself
6. I'd like to have white eyes
7. I wear so much black
8. I dislike pink
9. I love fantasy and scifi
10. I have far too much OC's


Are you happy with your
:iconvarjopihlaja:Varjopihlaja 2 9
Gracefully Dead :iconbayyouna:Bayyouna 2 2
creepy pasta: my dog. ch 4: minding the monster
warning: may contain strong language.
featuring: Manocornuta.
it was dark, the inside of my room was always like that at night. I remember being scared of the dark when I was younger, and I still am. but it was no longer the dark me and my friends were scared of. we could here scratching noises on the walls and screams coming from outside. that THING was still out there, we were scared, but we defenently not defenseless. I got my grand daddy's old shot gun from the attic from whenever he and dad went hunting. I was nervous and the shot gun was shaking in my hands because of it, suddenly, we heard the door bell ring, and the scratching and screaming had stopped. we all looked nervously at the door and then each other. "you go get it" Mix whispered to me. "nuh uh! you go get it!" I said. but, I looked at the door, then at my friends, I took a deep breath, then slowly walked towards the door. I was shivering the whole time at what we might find at the door step, prayin
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I walked and walked But couldn't seem to clear my mind. Every stupid year I get like this. On this day. Valentines day.
Everyone says how much they love this day but I don't.
Love isn't exactly an option for me. I don't believe in it. When I was six my mother gave me up for a months supply of scotch and whiskey. That's it.
My father acts like I don't exist mostly because he has a new wife and four kids.
Now I live with my aunt Apple in Blue Hill Maine. I didn't always live with her, after I was given up at six years old I was passed down to a man named Gerold Creek. A billionaire low life that..... never mind. Its too painful to even think about. I feel a ball of anxiety build in my chest just thinking about it.
I cough and sit down on a bench. My white blonde wavy hair that reaches my waist falls forward and I pull it back for air.
Anyways, I lived with Gerold for nine years. Then one day when I was fifteen, he forgot to lock the door behind him and put the security code. Ten minutes later, I was only a memory.
So fifteen nowhere to go, no money and no contacts. I was  a lone wolf.
I found an old woman living out and she forgot to give notice. So I lived in there for three years on my own pretending to be her grand daughter and payed the cheap rent with a waitress job until they got suspicious and demanded to see my "grandmother". Busted.
So long story short, child services found me and brought me to my aunt Apple.

A dog walks by with a woman in a bright pink sweat suit and I have to shield my eyes from the color. " you alright, hun?" She asks.
I see something in her eyes, concern.
I almost laugh. I don't need concern.
"I'm fine." I say and do something always do.

I stand up and walk away.....

Later I'm in Benny's serving a double cheese pizza to like thirty couples. I feel like I want to throw up.

Good for everyone else!! They have people to love and vice versa!! Well they don't know real love unit theyre like me. All alone and no one well ever love me. Hell, I'm not even sure I love me.
A guy built like a linebacker and bright Blue ice wolf eyes comes in with a smile that makes the heart swell and burst with yearning and lust.
Amazing biceps that fill his grey T sleeves. His t shirt is tight across his football shoulders and big broad mouth watering chest then free and baggy around his leans torso and you just KNOW he has amazing wash board abs.

Sun kissed dirty blonde hair and a sexy sharp jaw with pale pink boy lips that just scream KISS ME. he laughs at something his friend says and he claps his other friend on the shoulder. She know sees that he's wearing a silver link guys bracelet that just makes him looks yum.
He is also wearing a long silver dog tag nexklaw and I think, SOMEONE WHO HE KNEW DIED IN THE ARMY.

I feel a lot tug and look down to see a little girl with those same flashlight ice blue eyes with curly blonde hair. She's missing a baby tooth and wearing black shorts a white tank with black and white polka dot rain boots.

I raise my eye brows in surprise and she smiles.
"Your pretty," she says and puts her hands on her little barley there hips.
"Uh, thanks." I say and she nods.
"I'm Pink." She says and I think, PINK?
a strong hand settles on her shoulder and I look up to see...WHOA.
" sorry my little sister can wonder off sometimes." Mr. I'm Sexy And I Know It says.
"I'm Andrew," he says and holds out his hand.

I think, shit.....


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I love art and writing books. I like how art adds on to reading.They make the words come alive and make the impossible real. Photography is also a passion of mine. My friends and my art are super important to me. Including my little sister whom I love very much.... I'm a simple girl with an extraordinary voice in art....


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